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Graham Black30 Mar - 13:35
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Wanderers dig in with gritty performance

Match report provided by pitch side reporter Ethan Jones

Spring has finally arrived along with a competitive competition from Linslade Galaxy Wanderers and MK Gallacticos Trojan. Will these two teams spring into action in today’s match? Or will the excitement of Easter overwhelm them? Find out in today’s performance.

The match commences at seven minutes past ten and everyone begins with a fiery start.Both teams present their dedication to the match through speed and agility. Alfie continues in defence while Albi and Zach show themselves up front. Throughout the 1st quarter numerous great passes have been made as well as fair tackles. Ewan dashes left and right on the pitch defending and supporting the team. A very close shot by Albi colliding with the post. Ewan shows signs of an injury to the leg and a save from Henry prevents a goal as well as good defending from Alfie. Ewan strikes the ball up providing Albi a chance but is only met with the whistle concluding the 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter begins as Linslade are hungry for goals. Stanley shoots from far away only barely avoiding the post demonstrating the fight they have for this quarter. Theo is pushed forward and supplies an excellent cross which is unfortunately blocked. Shay charges forward as the team shows signs of a near goal. Countless shots and opportunities from Linslade Galaxy and Shay is looking dangerous. Great defending from Daisy and Stanley supporting Henry as goalkeeper. Theo smashes the wheel of the goal showing that a fantastic goal is approaching. Ewan is back on the field substituted with Theo and almost instantly shows desire for the ball. Shay is still showing fight for the ball while Daisy and Luca prevent a goal from the opposition.Shay is once again rushing back and forth open for a pass or cross. Mk smash the ball into the post concluding the 2nd quarter.

As the 3rd quarter starts, the fight instantly commences with Daisy, Stanley, Luca, Alfie, Albi, Zach and Fred all present. An unfortunate fumble from Henry gives MK a chance but Daisy is there to assist kicking the ball away and eliminating the chance. Some t-shirt tugging from Albi stops their chance but was extremely risky. Daisy is on fire this 3rd quarter sprinting down the line to defend our goal. Our team is defending well but struggling to make opportunities for ourselves. Albi sprints down with the ball but unfortunately MK catch up ending our chance for an equaliser. Daisy and Alfie are our highlights in defence today as they are constantly eliminating chances for MK. Henry produces a brilliant save supporting and saving our team. A free kick is provided after some arguing from MK denying the chance, and a free kick along with no goal concludes the 3rd quarter leading us to the final chance for Linslade.

Shay continues for the team in our final quarter as well as Ewan, Theo, Luca, Miles and Daisy. Miles looks hungry for a goal as time evaporates fast, sprinting into the box asking for a chance. Our team looks prepared, Ewan, Miles and Theo staying upfront demonstrating our attacking formation. It seems everyone is up in the box for this quarter even the defending machine, Daisy. However, we are still defending when necessary to stop a 3rd strike in the box. After a cross from MK. Ewan intercepts, passes the ball to Shay where he scores. Seems our team is springing into action as Daisy passes the ball to Theo and he scores possibly the best goal so far. Shay is on fire once again breaking angles left right as well as making chances for many. A fantastic save for our new goalkeeper Stanley, keeping the score on our side. Theo provides Shay a chance but goes just wide. The last few minutes arrive and we give everything to defend and attack. Theo charges through as a shoe from an MK player flies off! A great tackle from Daisy as well as 2 fantastic saves from Stanley concludes the match. The match has finally come to a close and what amazing highlights our team experienced with great shots from Shay, amazing defending from Stanley and Daisy and determination and fight from the whole team!

At the end of the day, everyone deserved the player of the match, but Theo came on top and claimed it for today’s game. Also, Stanley was awarded parent’s player! In conclusion, everyone played brilliantly today. Happy Easter!

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